It’s after midnight.  There’s thunderstorms rolling in the distance tonight…but I’ve had this song stuck in my head to the point where basically I won’t sleep unless I get it out.  I sat in my car in the dark listening to it and furiously texting Ashley that she had to look up this track…that was more than 4 hours ago.   Sometimes there’s a song that you hear for the first time and basically you develop an instant infatuation.  This is one of those songs.   It’s not just the dancey 80’s beats…which for me is usually enough to make me want to listen…in this case there’s more to it for me than just a hook and a beat.   It’s the lyrics.  I’m not a lyrics person… not at all.  I usually ignore them, but this time that was pretty much impossible because these lyrics are kinda the story of my life right now.  I could be way off base with my own personal interpretation of them, but that’s the beauty of music.   I’m not going to start singing them to you… just listen.  They make me say ‘hey even though things aren’t great it’s ok, because I’m quietly confident there’s more and better things to come one day’…add to that beats that make me dance, and my spirits are lifted even more.  To summarize this is the most amazing track I’ve heard in a while.

Also… An Horse just released a new album and they’re touring! So check out the info on their website.

An Horse – Camp Out (RAC Remix) by anhorse

The original track is just as amazing… listen… fall in love…

An Horse – Camp Out by anhorse

  • Ashley

    I love the Hole “Live Through This” album reference. Awesome.

  • Linda

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