Wild Child: Crazy Bird

It's been a while since we've mentioned the Austin based group, Wild Child, and despite this being a little late I feel like their music is always post-worthy. On time or slightly delayed. Wild Child's sophomore album "The Runaround" debuted in October and we at EPNI couldn't be more excited to dive into the wonderment that is Wild Child for a second round. With playful vocals and banjos n' brass, ...

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Lord Huron: She Lit a Fire

I am woefully behind on posting about this band. I had this album since sometime in the spring. In fact, this album was my theme music for this past spring and summer, but when you work full time and go to school it leaves little time to blog, and plenty of time to listen in the car during your commute.  Maybe since its now fall going into to winter this ...

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Download: Lord Huron: She Lit a Fire

Hiss Golden Messenger: Devotion

I started my post-holiday week with the new Hiss Golden Messenger album, Haw, which is pretty fitting with all of its biblical references.  Hiss Golden Messenger is known for this, as well as a blend of traditional country, folk, gospel, soul, rock, and other American-born genres (all of which with their own histories with biblical references).  They're all mixed up together and reformed in songwriter M.C. Taylor's singular voice, ...

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Aaron Embry: Moon Of The Daylit Sky

Okay, now that I've managed to stop hyperventilating about the news that David Bowie is releasing a new record in March, I'm going to share something that's not at all related. I'm bugging out too much for clear thoughts on that subject, and more than likely you've been inundated with this news already. We'll come back to Bowie later... Instead, I'm going to discuss another slender singer/songwriter of a ...

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This Much: Steady Feet

Any of our fans that swoon over some Bright Eyes, will absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE This Much out of Boston. This super talented trio has completely blown me away tonight as I listen with honest, open ears, not able to get enough of their music. It's as if Bright Eyes vocals met the instrumental genius of Bon Iver.. I can barely write this post to be honest as I'm listening ...

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Jonny Fritz (formerly Jonny Corndawg): Night Rider

Jonny Fritz, who has recently changed his stage name from Jonny Corndawg, is touring. And you should go check him out. Why? Because he and his band are freaking fabulous live.  It will be one of the best shows you see this year. Fritz has made a name for himself with his quirky country-style songwriting. Though his lyrics often (though not always) fall in between the range of "a little ...

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Download: Jonny Corndawg: Night Rider

Shovels And Rope: Lay Low

Shovels and Rope.. oh, be still my heart... This duo makes my heart swoon like a young girl lost in love.. So simple and genuinely beautiful.. This Charleston, SC duo consisting of Michael Trent and Cary Ann Hearst formed in 2010 and have been making amazing music ever since. "Lay Low" will whisk you away, taking you to a vulnerable place you might not have been prepared to go, but just ...

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Download: Shovels And Rope: Lay Low

Neil Halstead – Full Moon Rising

I was driving home last night in the rain listening to NPR and this beautiful song came on the radio.  I am usually only half paying attention to music on the radio, sometimes it's just background noise because usually it's nothing that really grabs my attention.  But with this particular track, I started to feel like I was in another world (probably not the best place to be when you're ...

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Download: Neil Halstead - Full Moon Rising

Benjamin Francis Leftwich: In the Open

Sing to me, Benjamin... sweet, sweet, sweet vocals in my ear. This track from Benjamin Francis Leftwich is one of those stupid grinning from ear to ear type songs.. one of those I dare you to try to put me in a bad mood tracks.. "In the Open" will change your day. If you don't want to smile like a like a fool in love, then don't bother hitting play.

Download: Benjamin Francis Leftwich: In the Open

Daughter: Smother

From the first time I listened to "Run" from Daughter, I fell in love with her voice. So soft, so sensual and just unforgettable. "Smother", as I listen more and more, creates such a cold, lonely feeling in me.. it's beautiful, yet almost hard to listen to without wanting to curl up in a ball and cry.. Daughters vocals induce such intense emotions.. and no matter what emotions you feel ...

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