Neil Halstead – Full Moon Rising

I was driving home last night in the rain listening to NPR and this beautiful song came on the radio.  I am usually only half paying attention to music on the radio, sometimes it's just background noise because usually it's nothing that really grabs my attention.  But with this particular track, I started to feel like I was in another world (probably not the best place to be when you're ...

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Download: Neil Halstead - Full Moon Rising

Balmorhea: Pyrakantha

So much excitement has just welled up inside just listening to this new track from Balmorhea. The subtle notes, the sweetness of their collaborations, washing over you. Just allowing yourself to get lost in the world of Balmorhea's experimental, instrumental and borderline ambient sound will make you a different person. There is something to be said for music that creates such an incredible magical rush of emotions. This Austin based ...

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Joshua Hyslop: Wish You Well

Some songs bring a smile, some bring tears.. some bring meaning and some set your mind free from thought.. some make you think of no one and some make you think too much of someone you once loved.. Joshua Hyslop has quickly found a place in my heart.. an artist that will never leave for the emotions he evokes in me every time I hear his sweet voice. "Wish You ...

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Download: Joshua Hyslop: Wish You Well

Jeremy Fisher: Built to Last

It's been a while since we've talked about Jeremy Fisher, actually just over a year (post)! We've missed you, Jeremy!.. (and this post) this Montreal based Canadian Folk Singer-Songwriter has a way with a guitar and his vocals are easy on the ears. Remind you of Bob Dylan? Yeah, us too. This latest track, "Built to Last", is just as catchy as tracks before, but a little more folk vibe ...

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Download: Jeremy Fisher: Built to Last

Download: Jeremy Fisher: Naked Girl

Blackbird Blackbird: Happy With You (Original Mix)

It's Sunday.. Weekend is almost officially over.. But have just one more moment to yourself. Lean back and take in this new track from Blackbird Blackbird. Let it wash over you allowing yourself to loose focus on the week ahead. Is it bad that my next line is to let this be your mantra for the next week? I'm so serious.. how could you have a bad week or begin ...

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Download: Blackbird Blackbird: Happy With You (Original Mix)

Beth Jeans Houghton & The Hooves of Destiny: Nightswimmer

You may fall into one of two camps when you hear the name of this band... *eye roll*, or "EPIC!"  But if you're one of those eye roll folks, as you've been told by your mom all your life, don't judge a book by it's cover or in this case a band by it's name.  I kind of fell somewhere in between, I thought it was silly, but I'm down ...

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[Exquisite] Sunday Girl: Where is My Mind (Pixies Cover)

When I originally heard the Pixes track, "Where is My Mind", I knew it was destined to be a favorite of mine. I've heard it remixed, covered and redone completely, but none matching the genius of the original.. until now. Sunday Girl's cover of the infamous "Where is My Mind" by the Pixies can be described as nothing less than exquisite. A beautiful melody of strings and piano echoed by ...

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Download: [Exquisite] Sunday Girl: Where is My Mind (Pixies Cover)

The Airborne Toxic Event: All I Ever Wanted

You know how some bands come into your life unexpectedly? Something you never knew you were missing as a person and the instant you hear them, you feel that sense of fulfillment? That's exactly how I felt, recently, when a friend shared The Airborne Toxic Event with me. This incredible ensemble out of Los Angeles, CA come together to form a unique blend of indie rock music and instrumental arrangements. ...

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The Goat Rodeo Sessions: Attaboy

The Goat Rodeo sessions is a new collaboration album from Yo-Yo Ma, cellist extraordinaire, (who I'm sure you've heard of  even if you don't listen to classical) Chris Thile, (formerly of Nickel Creek fame), on mandolin,  Stuart Duncan, (a Grammy award winner for best Bluegrass album), on the fiddle, and Edgar Meyer, (an accomplished composer and MacArthur Fellow), performing on upright bass. Bluegrass is not a genre I'm proficient in ...

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Download: The Goat Rodeo Sessions: Attaboy

Bon Iver: Michicant

Swooooooooooooooooon. Bon Iver sparks something in my heart, in my bones that makes me slow down in a moment... take in the mood and sink into my favorite chair feeling every emotion elicited by the lyrics, the sound of Bon Iver. Each track better than the next.. I love being able to completely lose myself in those precious moments of bliss. I have never seen them live and in just ...

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Download: Bon Iver: Michicant

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