Download: Little Red: Rock It

Work has been kicking my ass lately and with each passing day that I do not blog, my heart feels heavier. I hate that work has taken over every moment of my life lately and kept me from finding a creative release. Finding new music and blogging is like finding a new sense of self… ahhhhhh… It feels good to be back!

So. What fabulousness have I got for you tonight?? Well, one of my readers sent me a list of bands to check out just cuz.. I love those emails. You never know what people are going to rec to you and sometimes you want to pretend you never received the email. Today’s suggestion email was a complete win. The first band I looked at… Little Red. And now I’m in love.

“Rock It” by Little Red is a little piece of pop/rock heaven. It’s a mindless tune full of life and a beat that will have your smiling and dancing in your chair. This group from Melbourne, Australia came together in 2005 and have been touring since.

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