[Excellent] Anothers Blood: Lost Communication

This 2 man group out of London fighting for the sound of pop and to make their impression on the genre have created an incredible sound. It's pop but you can hear the dedication in the vocals, in the layering of the track.. it's one of those tracks that totally takes hold of you and as simple as it is, you get lost with it. Anothers Blood will make "Lost Communication" ...

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Channel Cairo: Elephant Room

From the story of the lead singers history with Cairo, to the absolutely fabulous jazzy yet super indie tone of this track called "Elephant Room", Channel Cairo has found a place in my heart instantly. When you hit play, prepare to be engulfed in the piano and its melodic intro that continues throughout the song. Then pleasantly moved by Josh Bowyer's vocals that are truly one of a kind. Josh's ...

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Lucy Rose: Middle Of The Bed

Perfection lies in this song... the organic sound of the percussion and gentle guitar strums compliment the sweet vocals of Lucy Rose, like it is the most natural song ever performed. True Facts. Not convinced? Listen for yourself! I am still in awe of how it all just flows. And I LOVE how girlie she seems to be! More please????? Well, "Middle Of The Bed" officially releases August 8th, but ...

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Ronika: Wiyoo (Ronika ‘Own You’ Remix)

80's groove. Disco fabulousness. Sweatbands necessary. Bouffant hair. Electronic cool. Great grinds. Shoulder shimmies... This one is a winner. Ronika is a dancing queen in my book. Seriously what a perfect mix of today's electronic technology and funk from way back. This I think with just a little extra bass could be great in a club.

Download: Ronika: Wiyoo (Ronika 'Own You' Remix)

Kyla La Grange: Been Better

Such a big voice from such a teeny tiny woman! Truth is I first saw Kyla La Grange perform at SXSW this year. I was so excited to see her perform in person, but I was completely taken aback when she hopped up on stage in this somewhat small bar filled with British music fans. I remember looking at her and noticing first she had no shoes on. Then that ...

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Download: Kyla La Grange: Been Better

Hey Sholay: Dreamboat

Need a new summer jam? Something to be silly with and just an all out happy tune? Well, perfectly titled, "Dreamboat" from Hey Sholay is just that. An awesome dreamboat of a tune from a great little indie band from the UK. What more could you ask for?! Hey Sholay will be releasing a couple singles in late June including 'The Bears, The Bees & No Clocks' as well as "Dreamboat". ...

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Download: Hey Sholay: Dreamboat

Ellie Goulding: Heartbeats (Cosmonaut Grechko Edit)

I'm not sure my heart is beating after hearing this latest edit of "Heartbeats" by Ellie Goulding. So fragile. So innocently sweet. So much in one song. My pulse is immediately slowed down to barely beating. My eyelids almost closed in the serenity of it. When I first heard Ellie Goulding, it was a remix of "Under the Sheets" ... very ravey, very omg have to go dancing now! Then I ...

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Download: Ellie Goulding: Heartbeats (Cosmonaut Grechko Edit)

[Video Release]Polarsets: Sunshine Eyes

Polarsets.. How do I love thee??? Almost as much as I love a fresh pedicure and amazing sandals and by that I mean A LOT. I am so excited to see the release of Polarsets "Sunshine Eyes" music video. Such a great Summer anthem or at least the start of a great Summer playlist. Love and Manolo's, Ash

[Update] To Kill A King: Fictional State (Music Video)

So we heard a while back from the awesome new To Kill A King and I am still patiently waiting the arrival of their album, but while I wait I will be enjoying the new music video for "Fictional State" that has now been released. Music videos are a whole different bag for me that I don't usually delve into, but a few really catch my attention and demand to ...

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[Heart Fail – Girl Goo] Joe Cave: Mrs. Violet

Hectic as life can be sometimes, it's nice when a song can catch you off guard and make you stop to pause and really take in your own personal moment to reflect. It's kind of funny because Joe Cave, London native, sent me this track and I honestly didn't relate to the actual events in the song in their actuality but the way the video flows... the walking and running ...

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Download: [Heart Fail - Girl Goo] Joe Cave: Mrs. Violet

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