Deadmau5: Do You Want to Design the Next Deadmau5 Head??? Do It!

You know you wanna.. Deadmau5 is inviting all graphic designers, illustrators and fashion designers to put in their designs for a chance to have their design be the next Deadmau5 head. Shut the front door and call me Susy! The winner will receive 2 VIP passes to a deadmau5 performance in Los Angeles.... that's money right there..and will meet deadmau5 at an in-store event in Los Angeles in August 2011..Serioulsy??? ...

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Deadmau5: Raise Your Weapon (Madeon Extended Remix)

One of my fave, I mean FAVE Deadmau5 tracks and now there is a remix?? An EXTENDED REMIX, no less?!? My little Deadmau5 lovin' heart is about to explode. I secretly love turning this track up in my car and sing to it at the top of my lungs. Yeah, I may have a few of those tracks, but this one is in the top 5. And, I mean, seriously, now ...

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Because it’s a Deadmau5 morning.. Deadmau5: Raise Your Weapon

Because it truly is a Deadmau5 morning. Not sure if my speakers on my iPod dock/stereo are going to make it all morning if I keep this up. It just feels right though. Why not. This track featuring the sensual yet deliciously harsh vocals of Greta Svabo Bech is one of my faves from his 4x4=12 album. I love the build... the slow amazing short build within and just ...

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Download: Deadmau5: Raise Your Weapon

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