Mynabirds: Body of Work + [NEW VIDEO]

Ready to shake up your playlist? Mynabirds are just the ticket. Laura Burhenn fronts this group of musicians based in Omaha that have come together from various backgrounds to create a most unique sound. And after just finishing up touring with Bright Eyes in 2011, this young band is sure to pop up at a favorite venue near you! How did I miss them at SXSW this year?! "Body of Work" ...

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Download: Mynabirds: Body of Work

The Henry Clay People: 25 For The Rest Of Our Lives

The Henry Clay People, yeah if you've not heard this group of rock and rollers, you definitely need to take the time to give them a listen. We were very fortunate to have seen them at SXSW this year and I am so happy to finally share them with you! Their latest EP drops June 26th, but of course, we have a preview for you of their newest single! Of ...

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Black Taxi: Tightrope

So a couple of friends, tired, beat down from the antics of SXSW, walk into a bar... And hear a surprisingly awesome band! I was NOT expecting anything super when I walked into this tiny bar, but I knew my feet hurt and I would love elevator music to be able to sit down for a few beers. Elevator music, I did not hear. The Brooklyn based indie rock band, ...

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Download: Black Taxi: Tightrope

Delta Spirit: Money Saves

Delta Spirit... le sigh. You make my heart do flips. I fallen completely in love with the new self titled album. Favorite tracks include? All of them. No, seriously, this album is that awesome. Promise. Since I can't share all of them, I'll share one I think you will all love as well. And if you don't, well maybe you should put on your headphones and blare it a few ...

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Download: Delta Spirit: Money Saves

Ed Sheeran: The A Team

So once again, The Music Ninja drug me to a show I was not sure about.. I don't know why I ever attempt to question his taste.. Much to my delight, him dragging me to see Ed Sheeran at SXSW this year turned out to be one of my favorite performances the whole week. Intimate setting, like sitting on the back patio at home with a cold beer.. lots of ...

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SXSW Recap – Of Monsters and Men

I was lucky enough to see a good deal of wonderfully talented bands while I was down at SXSW 2012. Of Monsters and Men had piqued my curiosity so I was eager to check them out down in Austin. This band hails from Iceland and their indie/folk sound was both very original and very captivating. With dual vocals and great deal of instruments ranging from percussion and guitars to the ...

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Wild Child: Someone Else

Despite the name, Wild Child, this group is such a swoon-worthy, laid back, good time. Love drunk lyrics, easy vocals make Wild Child one of my must see bands for SXSW 2012. This Austin based group has completely won me over with their playfulness.. they remind me of myself and a certain someone that I just have never been able to give up.. We've dated other people, we've ignored the obvious ...

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SXSW 2012: Bands I have to see!

As most music junkies know, SXSW 2012 is upon us.. And like many of you waiting on the music portion to start, I am counting down the days. Counting. In preparation for the big event, I have RSVP'd to at least 50 parties, that I remember, and have begun my spreadsheet.. Yes, I said spreadsheet. It is truly the only way to calm your nerves when attending this event. Even if I ...

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Surviving SXSW

Without a doubt, SXSW is an exciting but chaotic experience. With a few thousand acts converging on Austin, it's bound to wreak havoc on any normalcy you might know. But don't despair! There are a few steps you can take to ensure that you get the most out of your SXSW experience. Research. This is the key to enjoying SXSW. Like a band? Check out their tour dates and see ...

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